A lower mainland resource


If  you would like to donate, please contact a volunteer in your area to arrange a pickup or drop-off.

tanya_mcclain@hotmail.com for Surrey & Delta, Langley, Aldergrove & Abbotsford pickups,
Or to pre-arrange swap meet pickups


We can only accept car seats made AFTER January 2012 that are clean, complete and have never been in an accident.

We CAN NOT accept broken or non working items. We do not have time to fix or repair them and end up having to pay the dump fee out of our own pocket.

Due to space limitations, we try not to take larger baby items, including exersaucers, swings, strollers (umbrella ones are okay).If you have larger baby items to donate, please contact us first as we may have a client waiting for such an item.

We no longer accept VHS movies. As many people no longer have access to VHS players, there is limited need for VHS movies.

While we try not to accept larger items, when we are asked to take the leftovers from a kids swap, we do everything in our power to leave the facility completely clean. This means that we often end up with items that we normally don’t accept. We do everything we can to help these items find homes, and you can often find them posted for free on our fan page.


Acceptable donations:

Clothing for all ages – in good clean condition, including:
– Sleepwear
– Socks (new or lightly used)
– Underwear, bras, panties, lingerie (new or lightly used)
– Maternity clothes and supplies (Nursing bras & breast pumps are greatly needed)
– Shoes
– Purses, bags, belts, back packs, reusable cloth bags

Bedding and linens – towels, sleeping bags, blankets, sheets of all sizes

Baby formula and food (sealed and unexpired. Sample sizes welcome)

Baby needs (playmats, jumpers, baby gates, bouncy seats, bumbos, soothers, bottles, bath products *partial bottles welcome*, etc)

Diapers, pull-ups, cloth diapers, training pants, & wipes (Partial packs of diapers and even singles welcome)

Adult diapers and similar items

Toys (Due to space limitations, we can not accept ride on toys or large outdoor toys)

Food (Sealed and unexpired)

Work gear (Rain gear, tool belts, uniforms, steel toed boots, overalls, hard hats)

Health & beauty products, including toiletries *partial bottles welcome*, jewelry, hair clips, small mirrors

Cleaning & laundry washing supplies, including laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets. Partial bottles gratefully accepted. – Please package separately from clothes so that if they leak they don’t damage the other donations.

Household items (Electronics, small appliances, lamps, kitchen wares, school and office supplies)

Books, current magazines, movies (DVD, Blu Ray), Music

Coupons & gift cards – Will be used to purchase diapers, socks, underwear, and other needed items.

Gas vouchers (For our volunteers)

Non-Acceptable donations:

Car seats, change tables, cribs, or baby items which do not meet current safety standards (ie high chairs that are missing safety straps)
Furniture (temporarily – we currently do not have the space to store it)
Tube televisions

Please Note:

Free Clothing BC is a not for profit organization. As such, from time to time, we will be launching fundraising sales and auctions. Donated items that are not suitable for distribution at our events, including fine china, furniture, some electronics, and jewelry will be used to fund purchasing new socks, underwear and undergarments.

If you would like to donate items towards our fundraising sales, please contact a volunteer in your area to arrange pickup.