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Stories of Clients

People often want to know where their donations go… We cannot reveal the identities or exact names, or full details of anyone’s stories as everything is confidential… However, these are REAL world cases we’ve had so far.

Fire Victims

FreeClothingBC is often one the first organizations contacted after a fire. When two families were forced to flee their home with only the clothes on their back, we were able to provide the families with clothing, household necessities, bedding, toiletries, and the everyday basics to help get them back on their feet.

New to BC

A family who was in the process of moving to BC has their moving van stolen while they slept in a local hotel. In a new province, with no family or friends, they were left with only the items the had brought into the hotel room. FCBC stepped in and helped provide them with clothing and household items to start their new life in BC.

Unexpected Premature Birth

A two income family doing fine financially and caring for several children has an unexpected premature baby. A mom is forced out of work before her maternity leave kicks in, and a dad is forced to take time of work to care for the children while mom and baby recover in hospital. Often families in these types of situations, faced with sudden unexpected hardship, are not eligible for government support programs. FCBC helps out these families with clothing, footwear, and even diapers and baby formula when possible.

Unexpected Medical Issue

Free Clothing BC is there for families dealing with unexpected medical issues. When a new mom gets diagnosed with cancer, the dad is forced to take time off from work to care for her and the children. Money gets tight and children keep growing, so we step in to provide clothing and toys to brighten their days. A cancer diagnosis also means a mom can no longer breastfeed, so we have provided formula to a number of moms to easy the financial burden of feeding their baby while they deal with chemo treatments.

Families with New Babies

Often young mothers are unable to afford the incredible unexpected costs that come with a new bundle of joy. From simple things such as diapers, diaper cream or baby formula – to more complicated things like bouncy seats, baby swings, rocking chairs, change tables, and exersaucers, FCBC has been able to arrange delivery or pickup of these items to offer support.

Recently, a 17 year old male was awarded temporary custody of his infant daughter due to some poor decisions made by the child’s mother. We helped supply him with everything he needed to be prepared for his daughter’s arrival.

Emergency Foster Care

A mom who does emergency foster care who can receive a child within a moments notice. She’s often handed a child who has no clothing, no toys, no bed, and is forced to scramble to find all the basics. We provided her with a closet of clothing in assorted sizes and a selection of diapers so that she is able to care for whatever aged child that ends up at her door.

Recent Divorce

With a recent divorce, job loss and adjusting to the new lifestyle of single parent on social assistance… One Mom had to find creative ways to afford the basics for herself and her son. While coupons often helped cover the food costs, FCBC has been able to provide clothing and other household items to make life a bit easier.

Homeless Outreach

We also provide donations and even help run events for churches that do homeless outreach. At a recent event, we were able to bring soap, toothpaste and due to the shortage of those items – we simply gave them to those who may have needed it most. One expecting mom was really happy to receive a brand new toothbrush and toothpaste.

Transition Houses & Recovery Homes

We recently donated a van load of quality clean clothing to a local transition house that helps battered and abused women and their children reintegrate into society. Our donations will bless these women who had to leave everything behind, and help them on their new path in life.


Sometimes the costs of living on a pension in BC can be really high. They often try to live near relatives, yet the areas closest to family aren’t always the cheapest accommodations, forcing them to think about what to buy including replacing worn out clothing vs buying food.

Starting over

Recently we helped a single man who was discharged from a rehab centre after successfully battling a serious drug addiction. With nothing more that the clothes on his back, he set off to make a new life. Our team put together everything he needed to complete his one-bedroom suite, including artwork to hang on the wall, in only 3 days.